About Us

SPEEDUP CARS is a modern and client-focused brand committed to redefining the experiences of car owners. We’re a team dedicated to provide the best quality auto parts, repair and maintenance services, car accessories and upholstery cleaning and repair at most affordable price.

Founded in 2014, SPEEDUP CARS has remained committed to its mission of providing an all-in-one auto accessories, auto decoration services, parts and repair solutions at a single spot. We truly obsess over our clients’ comfort, convenience and driving experience. We go as far as providing pick-up and drop-off services and road side assistance, as well as auto sales and purchase assistance to ensure all our clients enjoy the true definition of comfort. By Holding our brand to a unique and unmatched standard, we hone our focus on the overall experience of car owners, rather than fix just a part.

At SPEEDUP CARS, we realize that dealing with car problems goes beyond spending time and resources. Often, choosing authentic auto parts and having experts handle your car repair services including road side assistance are where the hassle lies. After a thorough analysis and watch on the auto parts and repair industry, we observed the industry was broke. In a bid to make things right, reassure car owners, optimize comfort, and deliver the best quality auto accessories, and repair services, SPEEDUP CARS came to be.

We share a philosophy that advocates sales and use of authentic auto parts, fair pricing and expert service delivery. We practice what we advocate! Life is too short to be frustrated at garages seeking quality auto accessories, or get stranded at road sides with your car. SPEEDUP CARS is ready to take the hassle off your shoulder. We take our time to pick your car from your location, fix it and deliver back to you, all for transparent and affordable estimates. It’s time to enjoy unmatched sales & purchase services, token tax payments, repair services, schedule flexibility, and only the best quality auto parts.

Our Mission

To deliver end-to-end high quality auto-care services with a most satisfying customer experience in Pakistan.

Our Vision

To be the most successful and respected auto-care company in Pakistan.

Need Help With Your Car? We’ll fix it

We specialize in repairing accident damage to vehicles.In fact, we’re known as one of the best and reliable accident damage repair shop.

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